Transform Your Call Center into a Superhero

There’s something sinister seething through your call center. It’s keeping you from being the strategic superhero you’re meant to be. It’s wreaking havoc on your customers, your agents and the business. Who is this villain? It goes by the name of Status Quo and it lurks in the shadows delivering mayhem. You see it every [...]

Intraday Automation: The Next Sea Change

In an earlier blog, I talked about the challenges faced by call centers in the mid-1970s and how technology has changed the game. My very first call center back in 1973 started with a PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Customers called in and were passed around until an agent became available. Or, if all incoming lines [...]

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3 Myths About Millennials and Agent Motivation

 Millennials: it’s the name given to the generation following Generation X. Millennials were born around 1982. They are confident, civic-minded, highly connected, and – in many contact centers – they make up a large percentage of your new frontline workforce. Agent motivation for your Millennials is a must, or they will ultimately become part of your [...]

Employee/Agent Engagement is the Key to Working Harder and Caring More

More than 2,300 years ago Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” If this were written in today’s terms, it would fall under the heading of what we now call “employee engagement,” or in the customer service arena, “agent engagement.” This simple quotation is only nine words, yet it conveys a [...]

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Measuring – and Continuously Improving – C-Sat Across Every Contact Channel

Customers today can hate you in a wide assortment of channels. That may not be the most positive and optimistic statement, but in today’s always-on omni-channel customer care environment, it’s something contact center managers and company execs need to understand – and fend against. One of the best ways to ensure that your customers don’t [...]

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The 3 P’s of Call Center Management

You hired your agents for one primary job: to interact with your customers, handle their inquiries, and be strong representatives of your company. But, unfortunately, they have lots of other things to do, too. Some activities – like training and coaching – make them better at their jobs. But there are others – like administrative [...]

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Turnover a New Leaf: How to Reduce Attrition in the Call Center

The call center agent’s job isn’t an easy one. In addition to their primary job – interacting with customers and keeping them satisfied – agents have many other off-phone responsibilities like training and coaching that enable them to do their first job well. But finding the time to train, coach and communicate with agents remains [...]

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Pros and Cons of Performance-Based Scheduling

In a previous post, we discussed several key decision points to consider when evaluating a migration to performance-based scheduling. As with most operational changes, you will experience both positive and negative impacts if performance-based scheduling is implemented. The following is a brief list of potential pros and cons: Pros: Increases overall productivity Motivates associated to [...]

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Six Reasons Your Contact Center Agents Are Disengaged

You walked into your contact center this morning to find 10% of your agents absent, another 10% of them out of adherence and most of the remaining front-line staff swearing under their breath, sobbing in their seat or slamming their head against their monitors – or all of the above. You look around and wonder, [...]

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The Hero and Villain of Contact Center Performance: 3 Lessons Learned from Batman

In the spirit of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, I believe there a number of lessons we can learn from the caped crusader concerning the call center’s love hate relationship with performance and productivity. For those of you who have watched the films or read the comics, you realize that Batman was, [...]

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