Remember, Call Center Agents = Your Brand.

How's your brand today? Defining your brand used to be so much easier. In the good old days (for me, the good old days were the 80s), your brand was whatever your advertising said it was. Social media changed all that. Now your brand is whatever your customers say it is. And so your brand [...]

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Employee Engagement Drives Business Growth

Fact: The employee experience drives the customer experience. I know I'm stating the obvious - but, shockingly, to many, it is not that obvious. So many companies still fail to recognize that important connection, to the ultimate detriment of the business. Why is the customer experience so bad? Because when 70% of our workforce is [...]

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5 Things Frontline Leaders Can Do to Help Agent Attrition

I love working with front-line supervisors and managers who are learning how to be more effective coaches. Most are eager to learn how to build a great team. During our work time together, many express frustration about agent turnover, the time and effort that new hire training takes with high turnover. Some add that they [...]

Agent Engagement: Are Employees Fulfilled, Appreciated and Understood?

Forget once-a-year employee surveys. How about once-a-week? That is if you even do employee surveys. Many companies will survey their customers. The surveys range from simple questions, as in the Net Promoter Score type surveys to elaborate multiple question surveys. Some of the best companies also survey their employees, typically once a year. The leadership [...]

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Are You On the Customer Experience Naughty List?

'Tis the season... Santa's making his lists and checking them twice. Oh no! Your company shows up on his Customer Experience Naughty List! What did you do wrong this year? In short, a lot. There are five categories in which companies continue to fall down when it comes to the customer experience. For each category, I'll [...]

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Will the Holidays Stress Your Customer Service Delivery?

It’s that time of the year. The weather outside is getting frightful, the mistletoe is looking ripe for picking, the tree farms are popping up all over town, and yes, businesses are stressing out about their most wonderful time of the year. Holiday time has always been bittersweet for me. Yes, I am abundantly blessed [...]

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Measure Twice, Cut Once (A Mantra for CX Change Management)

How well do you vet any process improvements or other changes within your organization before you make them? I've used this quote below, i.e., Pearson's Law with my addition in bold below, in posts and presentations several times in the past, but it's one worth repeating: "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is [...]

A Nose for Real-time Customer Service

Have you seen the viral video making the rounds about Sherlock, the adorable and very energetic dog “employed” by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, who finds passengers’ lost items and returns them to their owners? When a KLM crew-member comes across an item — a child’s stuffed animal, a phone, a laptop — the highly trained [...]

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11 Things You Must Know to Win the Customer Experience Battle

If knowing is half the battle, what's the other half? In the 1980s, there was a G.I. Joe cartoon series for kids that embodied good vs. evil. At the end of each episode was a public service announcement (PSA) that would answer various questions and teach kids some valuable lessons. Each PSA ended with, "Now [...]

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6 Ways to Fully Engage Your Contact Center Agents

Up until relatively recently, many managers and executives considered the topic of employee engagement to be “soft.” Those that still feel that way today are finding that keeping employees and customers around is HARD. Consider some of the organizations known for obsessing over agent engagement in their contact centers. Organizations like Zappos, Disney, USAA, Starwood [...]

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