Getting Out of the Bubble: WFMers Network, Dance and Give Back at the SWPP Conference

 Workforce management planning is one of the toughest jobs in the contact center. Not only are these teams charged with staffing the floor with the exact number of agents, at the exact right time, for every half hour of the day, but many of the factors contributing to their success are out of their control. [...]

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The Reality of the Real-time Frontline Workforce Starts With…

Despite all the advancements in technology and new customer channels, one thing has remained constant in the contact center: when customers reach out, there has to be a frontline agent on the other end, ready to interact with them. Though the way customers choose to communicate has changed – with e-mail, chat and social networks [...]

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Managing Your Workforce in Real-Time

(This is a guest blog authored by Spence Mallder, SVP, GM Workforce Optimization, CTO of Aspect Software, originally published on February 12, 2014.) Ben Franklin was a wise man and counseled us with his sage words, “Do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made of.” Unfortunately, contact centers and back office [...]

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The Expansion of Workforce Management into Multi-Channel Contacts

A few years ago, I could go into a room full of workforce management (WFM) professionals and ask how many people have been charged with forecasting and scheduling for channels other than phone calls, and there would just be a few hands raised. Today, every time I ask, it seems like almost every hand in [...]

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Multi-Skills in the Multi-Channel Era

With the continued growth of multichannel service options for our customers, our agents face many challenges that weren’t planned for when they were initially hired for their service roles. Recent studies show that our millennial employees are able to juggle tasks and skills more easily than our older employees and Gen Y are more likely [...]

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How Agile Is Your Contact Center?

Your contact center’s workforce management team carefully analyzes historical reports, factors in upcoming events and promotions that may impact call volume, composes the most accurate forecasts possible, and schedules the right number of agents to handle the predicted workload. And all goes smoothly. Except for when it doesn’t. That’s when you find out what your [...]

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It’s not just phone calls anymore!

SWPP held one of our recent quarterly surveys on multi-channel workforce management processes.  This has been a hot topic at many of our regional meetings around the country lately, and we wanted some data straight from our members. Workforce management is being asked to expand their efforts beyond the call center and phone calls, and [...]

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It’s Time for Change in the Contact Center

I need it faster. Work smarter. Do this cheaper. The amount of pressure placed on contact centers to operate faster, smarter and cheaper has increased significantly within the past few years. “Do more with less” has ultimately become the contact center’s new mantra despite unyielding service level objectives. And as tougher goals seem unwavering, the [...]

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Survey of WFM Professionals: Part 1 – Top Challenges for 2012

In the first quarter of 2012, we surveyed workforce management professionals to learn more about the goals and challenges that pertain to their role within the call center.  We wanted to understand more about the group whose daily responsibility is to deal with the complex nature of the contact center to match supply (agents) with [...]

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