One Billion Actions Transforms Global Call Centers

Imagine one billion virtual assistants optimizing productivity and performance. Working seamlessly in the background, these assistants are transforming operations from manually reactive to strategically proactive in the blink of an eye. For many global call centers, this transformation has become a reality. Based on the unique needs of each center, real-time automation performs one billion [...]

WFM Tips Featuring Maxene Squire [Webinar Preview]

Are you facing complex challenges in the contact center? Are you feeling the pressure to reduce costs while improving the customer experience? Keeping up with demands is no easy task, especially when you're relying on time-consuming manual processes to get you to the finish line. Join your workforce management peers, Maxene Squire and Harper Flores, [...]

The Challenges of Employee Retention

The phrase "employee retention" sends shivers down the spines of some folks. And it ought to. Employee turnover is expensive to any company in a variety of ways, not the least of which is the impact on the customer experience, too. According to Gallup: Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their [...]

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The Contact Center Costs You Can Control vs. the KPIs that Control You

Metrics play an important role in every contact center. But when it comes to profitability, what are executives most concerned about on a daily basis? When we talk about “profitability” in the contact center, the first consideration is revenue, which can be defined many ways depending on your business. In-house contact centers revolve around customer [...]

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Contact Center Coaching Needs “The Right Stuff”

Coaches "with the right stuff" help to ensure that our centers provide consistently excellent customer experiences. Few new coaches are equipped with all the skills needed to be successful. It’s up to us to hire well and to provide them with the skills and tools for the job. Because if our coaches fail, our contact [...]

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Why the “Old” Way of Workforce Management isn’t Good Enough

Having been in this business over 40 years and in over 1,000 call centers in five continents, I've seen some major changes in workforce management. For example, back in the early days, we didn't have ACDs – we had PBX “hunt groups.” Calls were simply given to the next available agent. There were no queues, [...]

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Employee Engagement Drives Business Growth

Fact: The employee experience drives the customer experience. I know I'm stating the obvious - but, shockingly, to many, it is not that obvious. So many companies still fail to recognize that important connection, to the ultimate detriment of the business. Why is the customer experience so bad? Because when 70% of our workforce is [...]

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Is Agent Training On-Board Your CX Train?

Whether you call it employee development or skills enhancement, it’s all about training our agents and leaders to be successful with our customers and improve the bottom line. Not enough training and our employees may fail to provide the customer experience needed. Some centers do not have the luxury of having a full time center trainer [...]

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Measuring – and Continuously Improving – C-Sat Across Every Contact Channel

Customers today can hate you in a wide assortment of channels. That may not be the most positive and optimistic statement, but in today’s always-on omni-channel customer care environment, it’s something contact center managers and company execs need to understand – and fend against. One of the best ways to ensure that your customers don’t [...]

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The “Other” Voice: Voice-of-Employee Initiatives Electrify the Contact Center

The “Voice of the Customer” has been making a lot of noise in contact centers recent years. Formal “VOC” initiatives have helped many centers get closer to the customer – gathering invaluable customer data and feedback (via C-Sat surveys, analytics, etc.) that lead to significant improvements in service, product offerings and overall operational efficiencies. No [...]

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