An Idle Millennial = An Unhappy Millennial

Remember when ‘chat’ meant talking face to face? Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers likely remember those days, which included eye contact and facial cues. But now the Millennials are ‘large and in charge.’ 'Chat’ is a whole other animal, and it is one of reasons why seeing an idle Millennial is rare. In fact, their [...]

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Solving BPO Challenges with Intraday Automation

The outsourcer’s role of handling a client’s customers for them is unique – and this relationship brings its own set of challenges. Typically, the reason an outsourcer has the business in the first place is because they can do it for less than what it would cost the client to handle themselves in-house, so cost [...]

By |June 11th, 2015|Innovation, Workforce Infrastructure|

What Does Customer Service Wait Time Cost You?

When it comes to customer service, wait time is downright evil. It’s just ridiculous that we pay companies for their product and end up waiting to be served. We call about a billing issue and sit on hold listening to really bad music. We’re given a 4-hour “service window” for when we can expect a [...]

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Use Idle Time to Increase Agent Performance

Frontline organizations pride themselves on keeping their employees busy. However, according to a recent Intradiem survey, 11% of the agent's day is still spent idle. On average, this equates to 45 minutes per agent, per shift. Learn how to make the most of this idle time to increase agent performance... http://intradiem.wistia.com/medias/oggpkqynap?embedType=iframe&videoWidth=640  

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3 Steps to Find Your Call Center Efficiency Sweet Spot

There’s no getting around it -- the role of a workforce manager is tough. Whether it’s the daily tug-of-war between service levels and enterprise demands or figuring out how to balance the schedule to accommodate a long list of activities - finding your call center’s efficiency sweet spot probably seems impossible. But, it’s not. Here [...]

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Not So Idle Thoughts on Recycling Idle Time

Recent talk in the industry takes exception with the concept of making idle time productive by suggesting there isn’t really much idle time to be used, that it would cause adherence issues with the call center workforce management tool, and associating it with the detrimental effects of multi-tasking (suggesting that it lowers agent performance). We [...]

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Contact Center Workforce Management: Not an Option for Businesses Looking to Delight Customers

When was the last time you called a contact center seeking help with an issue, and you were quickly connected to a knowledgeable agent who helped you in a timely fashion? Would you recommend a company that provides a tailored and appropriate response or one that delivers a sub-par experience when handling your inquiries? Today’s [...]

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Next-Generation Call Center Terminology: Six Must-Know Terms

The contact center landscape is continuously changing. Consumer 2.0 dictates that agents must be more informed than ever before to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. Traditionally, call center agents were expected to answer the phone, provide courteous customer service and end the call with a hopefully satisfied customer. However, agents are now required [...]

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Should Contact Center Agents Do Back-Office Work During Slow Periods?

The first call centers that emerged about 35 years ago were designed to provide a dedicated staff to handle customer inquiries and complaints. The thinking was that it was practical to have a distinct group handling customer service calls so that people doing more important tasks – like back-office clerks – would not be interrupted [...]

By |June 19th, 2012|Best Practices / Metrics|

What’s On Your Dash?

Everyone wants to believe that the time they spend at work is meaningful, productive and ultimately important to the company’s overall success. But in the call center, measuring this impact can be difficult. Managers struggle to ensure that individual agents are performing at their highest levels and that centers are aligned with the metrics that [...]

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