Customer Success: Cost Reduction with Automation

What would it mean to your center if you could improve first call resolution (FCR)? Or reduce overtime pay? For our customers, this means significant cost reduction. Take a look at some of their recent successes: 4.5% Increase in FCR: This leading telecom provider needed a way to improve agent performance. Providing training quickly and [...]

A Rose By Any Other Name… Agent Word Choices

When coaching with our agents, we have many important skills to focus on such as listening, use of empathy, following correct procedures and engaging with our customers. One skill that can be overlooked is word choice, in other words the words and phrases that an agent uses either in writing or when speaking with customers. [...]

Thinking is Bad – So Why Are You Making Your Customers Do It?

“The goal should not be to remove humans from the equation, but [to] empower human beings who actually have a beating heart and who are caring people to achieve a greater degree of hospitality.” These words, from Danny Meyer, the CEO of the Union Square Hospitality Group, are meant for restaurants, but apply just as [...]

How to Build Customer Loyalty

Last month I wrote about the importance of metrics.  Metrics drive behavior. You probably know the famous Peter Drucker comment - "What gets measured gets managed."  I've seen it proven true time and again.  If you focus on NPS scores, they go up. Whether customers are actually happier is a different question. But by focusing [...]

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What is the Most Important Contact Center Metric?

I presented at the ICMI CC Expo last month in Long Beach. It’s always a great conference, and I look forward to it each year. In the afternoon after my journey mapping workshop I attended a Justin Robbin’s session on metrics. Justin began by asking attendees the most important metric they tracked. Think about it [...]

Customer Service Goal: We Don’t Want You to Come Back

Do you ever get the feeling that some business’ customer service goal is to keep the customer from coming back? Sometimes, it is an employee’s lousy attitude that makes you feel unwelcome and unwanted. Or perhaps it is some other type of poor service, but the end result is that the customer has no desire to [...]

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Customer Service is More than Just Being Nice

I recently had the privilege of speaking to the people of Ace Hardware about creating amazing customer service. If you know anything about Ace, you might be thinking that they could be the ones delivering the lesson on service – Ace has built its own special brand of customer service centered on being helpful. One [...]

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Drive First Call Resolution Success in Your Call Center

Greg Levin discuses one way to drive first call resolution and achieve a 10-point jump in FCR.  

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The Intersection of Customer Effort and First Call Resolution

Of all the metrics in a call center, First Call Resolution often has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, yet it is also one of the most difficult metrics to measure. Luckily, your customers don’t think in terms of metrics. All that matters to them is that they have a positive experience. As Greg Levin [...]

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A Customer-Centric Approach to First Call Resolution

Few metrics have made contact center managers drool like first call resolution (FCR) has. And with good reason: FCR has been shown to have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, operational costs and employee morale. So we’re looking at a metric trifecta – a measurement that is qualitative and quantitative, as well as engaging for [...]

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