Call Center Cost Reduction: Automation Outranks Alternatives

Balancing the need to keep costs low and keeping customers happy is tough. But, Workforce Management (WFM) and contact center operations typically turn to one of four options to meet these objectives. These include digital solutions, right placement, workforce management, and automation. Each option provides a different return on investment and execution risk. Question is, [...]

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Why All the Fuss Over Advanced Intraday Automation?

A growing list of enterprise contact centers like Citi, British Gas and Aetna are reaping the strategic benefits of advanced intraday automation. This summary aims to provide a quick primer on the ins and outs of advanced intraday automation, including the problems it addresses, what it is, why it’s growing so quickly and the value [...]

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What is the Most Important Contact Center Metric?

I presented at the ICMI CC Expo last month in Long Beach. It’s always a great conference, and I look forward to it each year. In the afternoon after my journey mapping workshop I attended a Justin Robbin’s session on metrics. Justin began by asking attendees the most important metric they tracked. Think about it [...]

Coaching Challenges: Apple and Oranges

One of our coaching challenges is to find ways to balance the coaching of skills, that impact processes and solutions, with the soft-skills coaching needed for our agents to provide the empathy and personal touch that our customers want to receive. Sometimes we may feel like these skills are at opposite ends of the spectrum [...]

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Manual Contact Center Productivity Tools Aren’t Fit for the Modern Era

Here's the story: A health insurance company came up with an innovation for their health savings accounts, allowing account holders to select among three pricing plans. This would allow their customers to select the plan that best fit their needs. Their market research confirmed interest in the plan, so they implemented the new account types. [...]

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The Contact Center Costs You Can Control vs. the KPIs that Control You

Metrics play an important role in every contact center. But when it comes to profitability, what are executives most concerned about on a daily basis? When we talk about “profitability” in the contact center, the first consideration is revenue, which can be defined many ways depending on your business. In-house contact centers revolve around customer [...]

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Mark Your Spot: Does Customer Experience Benchmarking Tell Us the Right Things?

I recently came across the following Chinese parable, and as I often do, wondered how this story might apply to customer experience metrics and management initiatives. The parable, titled "Mark the Boat for a Dropped Sword," goes like this: There was a man crossing a river on a boat. When the boat reached the middle of [...]

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Turning “Little Data” into Big Productivity Gains

There’s been a ton of talk about “big data.” And rightly so. Big data has the potential to completely change how you treat customers based on a better understanding of their behaviors. It’s a great capability, and you should definitely look into it. But this blog isn’t about contact center big data. Instead, it’s about [...]

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Intraday Automation: The Next Sea Change

In an earlier blog, I talked about the challenges faced by call centers in the mid-1970s and how technology has changed the game. My very first call center back in 1973 started with a PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Customers called in and were passed around until an agent became available. Or, if all incoming lines [...]

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Take Advantage of Customer Service Big Data and Little Data

Wikipedia says Big Data is a collection of data so large and complex it becomes difficult to process….  However, many companies embrace a different concept of Big Data. While the collection of data is broad, based on a large amount of information and customer feedback, these companies are able to filter through it to understand [...]

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