Winning Call Centers Empower Agents

Is the hectic nature of the call center pushing the needs of your agents to the wayside? How do you make your agents a priority without impacting service levels? Real-time automation delivers a simplified approach to engage and empower your agents while sustaining a competitive advantage. Intradiem recently passed a significant threshold to deliver one [...]

UK Utility: Weathering the Storm with Real-Time Automation

Mother Nature doesn’t adhere to WFM planning processes, and can unleash nasty storms with little warning or time to prepare. Real-time spikes in call volume due to storms and outages are a reality of life in the utility industry. To be prepared, many utility companies choose to staff a surplus of agents and run call [...]

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Call Center Cost Reduction: Automation Outranks Alternatives

Balancing the need to keep costs low and keeping customers happy is tough. But, Workforce Management (WFM) and contact center operations typically turn to one of four options to meet these objectives. These include digital solutions, right placement, workforce management, and automation. Each option provides a different return on investment and execution risk. Question is, [...]

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How to Build Customer Loyalty

Last month I wrote about the importance of metrics.  Metrics drive behavior. You probably know the famous Peter Drucker comment - "What gets measured gets managed."  I've seen it proven true time and again.  If you focus on NPS scores, they go up. Whether customers are actually happier is a different question. But by focusing [...]

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What Does Customer Service Wait Time Cost You?

When it comes to customer service, wait time is downright evil. It’s just ridiculous that we pay companies for their product and end up waiting to be served. We call about a billing issue and sit on hold listening to really bad music. We’re given a 4-hour “service window” for when we can expect a [...]

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3 Key Ways to Tame the Big Data Beast of Contact Center Metrics

Today’s contact center has the ability to capture a vast and invaluable amount of customer and performance-based data. Sounds awesome, but if the center doesn't have a formal and effective process in place for structuring, analyzing and strategically acting on the data, then who cares? We continuously hear about the power of “Big Data” these [...]

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3 Contact Center Metrics You Should Hide from Your Agents

There are metrics generated by your switch or other reporting platforms that you do not want to put in a contact center agent scorecard. Even if you don’t put them on the scorecards, you should still hide certain metrics from being revealed to contact center agents. It may seem strange that with all of the [...]

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Learning to Focus on Employees – A Call Center’s Best Asset

Let me tell you a story of two call centers. Both have similar operations, both similar employees and both serve the same basic customer operation. Call center A manager was a traditionalist. He focused on the basic metrics, average handle time (AHT), time in queue, customer satisfaction and the rest. He was never satisfied with [...]

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A Customer-Centric Approach to First Call Resolution

Few metrics have made contact center managers drool like first call resolution (FCR) has. And with good reason: FCR has been shown to have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, operational costs and employee morale. So we’re looking at a metric trifecta – a measurement that is qualitative and quantitative, as well as engaging for [...]

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