Is Agent Training On-Board Your CX Train?

Whether you call it employee development or skills enhancement, it’s all about training our agents and leaders to be successful with our customers and improve the bottom line. Not enough training and our employees may fail to provide the customer experience needed. Some centers do not have the luxury of having a full time center trainer [...]

By |September 16th, 2014|Training / Coaching, Workforce Infrastructure|

3 Must-Haves for Workforce Management Success

Workforce managers don’t have it easy. Not only are they responsible for accurately forecasting call requirements per half hour by both queue and skill, they are also tasked with scheduling the right number of agents needed to handle calls at a prescribed service level and average handle time. This is a very specialized job that [...]

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Are You Engaging New Agents, or Training Them for Your Competitors?

Our contact centers today have a wide range of new hire training agendas depending on the complexity of the products and services, skills trained and even the size of the centers. There’s classroom time, self-directed learning, tests, games and activities, guest speakers, call examples to listen to, side-by-side observations and even mentors. Many managers are [...]

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Agent Coaching that Your Workforce Actually Wants to Receive

According to a study that I've completely made up to make a point, 90% of contact centers either don’t provide any agent coaching or provide agent coaching that makes agents wish the center didn't provide any coaching. While a total lack of coaching certainly won’t win your contact center any awards, it’s actually better than [...]

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Special Sauce for Lower Contact Center Attrition

You know the drill. Agents don’t get the training they need. Performance suffers. They lose confidence and become unsatisfied, and before you know it, they’re gone. Not only is this expensive, but it’s your customers who ultimately pay the price, as unskilled and unhappy agents don’t typically deliver an outstanding customer experience. We are currently [...]

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The Most Important #CX Training Tool for Your Business

Can you name one of the most powerful and most important customer experience training tools available to your organization? If you can't, I'll answer that question for you. The most powerful training tool, the one that's going to help your employees deliver a great customer experience, is a customer journey map. Are you surprised? Don't [...]

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Who’s Really in the Driver’s Seat in Your Property and Casualty Call Center?

When it comes to the insurance industry, your customers are firmly in the driver’s seat. Keep that top of mind, and you are ready to address new customer-centric call centers challenges to reduce stress for your call center agents and ensure high levels of satisfaction for your customers. The economy is improving, home sales are on the [...]

By |April 2nd, 2014|Customer Experience, Training / Coaching|

7 Game-Winners for Your Agent Coaching Playbook

As a call center manager, working one-on-one with your agents can be the most productivity-enhancing tool at your disposal. Call centers know that they need to coach their agents – the trouble comes in finding time to do it. And often, it’s not even a matter of not enough time, but of not wisely using [...]

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The Reality of the Real-time Frontline Workforce Starts With…

Despite all the advancements in technology and new customer channels, one thing has remained constant in the contact center: when customers reach out, there has to be a frontline agent on the other end, ready to interact with them. Though the way customers choose to communicate has changed – with e-mail, chat and social networks [...]

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4 Key Issues for Healthcare Services Call Centers as They Enter the Age of the Consumer

Few industries have undergone as much radical change in the past decade as healthcare. The healthcare industry is growing amid extensive regulatory changes including the creation of health insurance exchanges and the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as the development of new risk and payment models. With the consumerization of healthcare comes more [...]

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