How to Boost Agent Morale with Real-Time Automation

Your agents are crucial assets to your contact center. Serving and supporting your customers each and every day, they truly are the voice of your company. Are you recognizing and celebrating their achievements? Many companies recognize their agents in a variety of ways during Customer Service Week. A recent Forbes article suggested some ideas such [...]

Don’t Let Scripts Ruin a Great Customer Experience

Last week I had a computer problem that required me to contact technical support. I was sure I would have to send my computer in, but they were able to quickly solve my problem. So why was I so annoyed? And why does this matter to you? I started with phone support, but after hearing [...]

By |June 26th, 2015|Best Practices / Metrics, Customer Experience|

Agent Empowerment and the Unhappy Customer

What do you do with an unhappy customer? Refunds are the easy way out. They don’t fix the problem. They just put a band-aid on the situation, without addressing the underlying problem that led your busy customer to take time to call you. But don't take my word for it. A report from Beyond Philosophy [...]

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