7 Game-Winners for Your Agent Coaching Playbook

As a call center manager, working one-on-one with your agents can be the most productivity-enhancing tool at your disposal. Call centers know that they need to coach their agents – the trouble comes in finding time to do it. And often, it’s not even a matter of not enough time, but of not wisely using [...]

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Recruiting for Agent Coaching Success Across Channels

Regardless of the channels we’re hiring for, some principles remain the same. I firmly believe that these two points are necessary for providing the best customer experience: We need to recruit agents who are open to change, willing to learn and committed to offering great service. Agent coaching only works if all parties (agent, supervisor [...]

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5 Ways Agents Can Create a Positive Customer Experience Your Customers Can Count On

“Do unto others” is a good principal to follow when it comes to dealing with people in general, though it may come off bit like an over-generalization when it comes to creating a positive customer experience.  For this reason we’re going to go over the key points of importance regarding how customer service agents should [...]

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Take Daily Action to Improve Customer Service Experiences

Do you ever notice how employees usually start a job, coming into their first day of work bright-eyed and enthusiastic?  Then as time goes by, that enthusiasm burns away to the point that it’s just another nine-to-five trudge to get through what they feel is another mindless, menial workday? What happens here?  Why is the [...]

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Stop The Cookie Cutter Coaching

A Quality Manager once told me, “We seem to focus on activity, not results” and unfortunately he spoke the truth. When working with Quality teams, I ask them to explain their tools and processes in place for coaching:  who coaches, how often monitoring and coaching is done, their quality goals, etc. Some Quality Managers are [...]

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Great Coaches Take Responsibility for Success

I don’t think any contact center leaders will be surprised if I suggested that some of their Agents aren’t self-motivated individuals. And some might be motivated, but don’t fully understand how to make the skill improvements needed.  As Leaders, we need to take responsibility for helping each agent reach their full skills potential. Unfortunately some [...]

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