Spring Cleaning Time for Our Centers

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Welcome to Spring! It’s time to clean the clutter and broken pieces out of our center house and bring in some new ideas. In order to do this we need to avoid getting stuck in [...]

4 Ways to Build a Culture of Customer and Company Empathy

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Being an agent is hard. Every day you work with customers who are frustrated because another part of the company broke down. Your policies are backward. Your product doesn’t work. Your website link is broken. [...]

Forefront Discussions Highlight Efficiency and Employee Engagement

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Tour de Forefront - from New York to Chicago… "None of us is as smart as all of us." Ken Blanchard When you have a good conversation with an industry peer, exchange war stories and [...]

What if You Were Your Own Customer?

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Day in and day out, we do our best. We do our best to serve our customers and employees and colleagues well. We do our best to juggle the 9 million items on our to-do [...]

3 Ways to Improve Adherence in the Contact Center

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When agents don’t (or can’t) adhere to their schedule, the WFM team must manage these exceptions. Some companies tolerate a certain percentage of non-compliance as a cost of doing business while other companies rely on [...]

Are You a Manager with Heart?

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During February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a holiday focused on making people feel special by telling them and showing them how much we appreciate and love them. Making people feel special should be more than [...]

4 Ways to Boost Cx and Operational Efficiency with Intraday Automation

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Let’s pretend you’re the customer. Like most customers, you’re pretty savvy when it comes to figuring out answers on your own. In fact nowadays, customers are smarter and more complex, because they prefer self-help support [...]

Thinking is Bad – So Why Are You Making Your Customers Do It?

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“The goal should not be to remove humans from the equation, but [to] empower human beings who actually have a beating heart and who are caring people to achieve a greater degree of hospitality.” These [...]