5 Ways to Get Better Customer Feedback

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It may be common knowledge now that hearing from customers about what they really want and need from your organization is a key component to a successful customer experience. And while sending a survey once a quarter [...]

5 Ways to Create a Seamless Omnichannel Experience with Intraday Automation

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The evolution of technology has transformed the way consumers interact with brands. According to the Retailing 2020 report, the demand for an omnichannel customer experience will be amplified by the need for nearly perfect execution [...]

Proactive New Hire Training and Coaching = Engaged Agents

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We know that coaching offers many benefits for our experienced agents so we design coaching programs for on-going employee development success. However, we may not have equally effective plans in place for introducing and rolling [...]

Are You Viewing the Experience Through the Lens of the Customer?

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Whenever we deal with customers, we are asking our brains to do a lot. We are trying to see things from the customer’s perspective, to understand their issue and how to solve it quickly, and [...]

Share Your Contact Center Employees, Share Your Learning

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Loaning out your employees to the rest of the business gives them fresh perspectives on career paths and spreads your knowledge to the rest of the organization – but it also brings knowledge back. I [...]

The Future of Contact Center Automation

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As technology advances, could contact center agents be replaced by robots? That’s a question some outsourcers in India and the Philippines are asking themselves as automation continues to have a major impact on the contact [...]

How to Improve Your Finance Team’s Soft Skills

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One of the reasons our business stays open is because someone purchases our services or products and will continue to do so based on having a successful series of interactions with us from purchase through [...]

Information Your Customers are Tracking (Whether You Know It or Not)

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Twitter and Facebook have started experimenting with posting when brands are responsive, how responsive they are, and what the best times are to get a response to inquiries via these social media channels. Brands better [...]