How to Improve Your Finance Team’s Soft Skills

One of the reasons our business stays open is because someone purchases our services or products and will continue to do so based on having a successful series of interactions with us from purchase through delivery and later support if needed. A simple enough way to describe the importance of customer touch points for our company, right? And yet some customers find, once they have purchased and are in the customer “chain” within operations and finance, the quality of interactions with that company declines. Sales and service reps are trained to create customer experience during every MOT (“moment of truth”) [...]

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Information Your Customers are Tracking (Whether You Know It or Not)

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Twitter and Facebook have started experimenting with posting information such as when brands are responsive, how responsive they are, and what the best times are to get a response to inquiries via these social media [...]

Educating Your Team? Start with Yourself

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Your people make the difference. Of course you know that. It's probably in posters all throughout your call centers, your break rooms, everywhere.  And you believe it. Which is why you invest money and time [...]

Ticket to Ride the Customer Experience Support Train

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There are many tech support agents who are extremely successful at creating a great customer experience over the phone. They are patient, ask good questions, listen well and help find the best solutions for their [...]

4 Ways You Might be Disengaging Your Employees

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The idea of employee engagement receives a lot of lip service. Employees who are engaged will deliver better experiences to your customers, leading to increased retention, improved referral rates, and more revenue overall. Hurrah! But [...]

Forefront is Making its Next Stop

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Back in May, we brought together some of the best minds in Workforce Management, Operations, L&D and IT to discuss market trends, existing contact center challenges and viable solutions. What actually happened was beyond our [...]

How to Build Customer Loyalty

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Last month I wrote about the importance of metrics.  Metrics drive behavior. You probably know the famous Peter Drucker comment - "What gets measured gets managed."  I've seen it proven true time and again.  If [...]

How to Keep WFM Employees Engaged

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We read a lot of articles about training, coaching and motivating our center agents, supervisors and leaders. One area of our center doesn’t seem to receive as much attention: our WFM (workforce management) employees. Every [...]

What is the Most Important Contact Center Metric?

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I presented at the ICMI CC Expo last month in Long Beach. It’s always a great conference, and I look forward to it each year. In the afternoon after my journey mapping workshop I attended [...]