Following Call Center Procedures (Including This Bad One)

Let’s face it…most agents want to be great agents. They want to keep their customers happy and that’s what we managers want too. Unfortunately some companies find ways to create negatives and obstacles that make it impossible for an agent to be successful in creating the best experience for their customers. One story I heard recently illustrates this perfectly. Due to confidentiality I can’t go into great detail on the process itself but I wanted to share the essence of what happened since this is not a rare example of process disconnect. An agent working for a major insurance company [...]

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Why the Contact Center Community is Achieving Unprecedented Levels of Success with Intradiem

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Advanced intraday automation has reached critical mass and is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ platform for enterprise contact centers focused on improving customer experience and agent performance while reducing cost. Want proof? The value that [...]

Banking on Loyalty

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Welcome Financial Institution Pros! Today’s post is especially for you. In the midst of increasing usage of mobile banking and online transactions, it’s hard to believe that we still have customers who love to call [...]

Are You Showing Sincere Agent Appreciation?

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We train our agents to thank our customers and show appreciation for their business.  We coach to ensure that they make the customer feel important and valued, and sound sincere when they do this.  A [...]

A Rose By Any Other Name… Agent Word Choices

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When coaching with our agents, we have many important skills to focus on such as listening, use of empathy, following correct procedures and engaging with our customers. One skill that can be overlooked is word [...]

An Idle Millennial = An Unhappy Millennial

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Remember when ‘chat’ meant talking face to face? Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers likely remember those days, which included eye contact and facial cues. But now the Millennials are ‘large and in charge.’ 'Chat’ is [...]

AccorHotels Global Reservation Centre Takes Home Workforce Management Practices Award for use of Intradiem to Improve their Business!

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Congratulations to AccorHotels Global Reservation Centre and their Workforce Planning Team. They received the New Brunswick Contact Center Association (ContactNB) Workforce Management Practices Award for their use of Intradiem to deliver business improvements across both [...]

Advanced Intraday Automation – Getting a Seat at the Budget Table

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In the prior blog article, "Why All the Fuss Over Advanced Intraday Automation," we outlined the problems addressed, what it is, why it’s growing so quickly and the value centers and their managers are realizing. [...]

More Coaching Misses and How to Fix Them (Part 2)

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Welcome to the follow-up to “Coaching Misses and Fixes.” Last time we looked at some of the coaching improvement opportunities. Here are some more ideas for your consideration: Avoid talking about other agents and their [...]