Ever-Elusive Customer Experience ROI

When you're trying to get executive commitment for your employee and customer experience improvement initiatives, what's the first question they ask? Typically, it's something along the lines of: Why? What's in it for us? What's the customer experience ROI? If I spend money on those improvement initiatives, that takes money from some other initiative. Which is more important? It feels like it's a no-brainer, and yet, it can be a challenge. The problem arises because executives like to see immediate returns, while customer experience improvements often take 18 months to two years to design, deliver, and begin to show up [...]

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Financial Services Contact Centers: Intraday Automation Puts Your Customers First

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Today’s financial services contact centers face many challenges when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience. In addition to dealing with a portfolio of highly regulated products, there are generational chasms with varying expectations, [...]

Waterfall Coaching For Agent Engagement

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One of the greatest opportunities for agent engagement — and yet from my observations, the least implemented — is the consistent involvement of top leadership in hands-on coaching activities and quality monitoring. Many C-suite and higher-level managers feel that coaching [...]

How BPOs Can Turn Idle Time into Productive, Billable Time

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In the past 40 years of working with contact centers, I’ve seen a lot of change. The technology in today’s contact centers changes daily, becoming more and more complex. Sophisticated algorithms, forecasting and scheduling programs [...]

Planning Ahead When Your Contact Center is Already Behind

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It’s the end of the year. A time when your corporate partners are taking time off to rest and recharge. They’re building their plans, getting ready for next year. How can they grow the business? [...]

‘Tis the Season to Put Intraday Automation to Use in the Retail Environment

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The holiday shopping season has peaked and now the “return season” is in full swing, and that means it’s anything but business as usual for the retail industry and its contact centers. The good news is [...]

Linking Customer Experience and Partner Success

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Continuing on from last month's post about partners and their importance to your ecosystem... you need to make sure you help your partners be successful. When you think about the multichannel and the omnichannel customer [...]

Passing the Customer Journey Ball

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Open communication between our marketing, sales and service teams is crucial for creating the best customer experiences. Our marketing teams weave dreams showing total customer bliss. The advertising gurus design fabulous brochures, website animations, and [...]

The “New Normal” for BPOs

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We’ve always done it that way – and that’s the problem. It’s a common scenario. A large, global outsourcer with 70,000-plus employees across the globe is responsible for handling customer care calls for a major [...]