Investing in Employees to Emotionally Connect with Customers

Frontline employees need a strong mentor. Merriam-Webster defines the word mentor in the following way: “a : a trusted counselor or guide b : tutor, coach.” And isn’t this what the best managers, team leaders and colleagues strive to be for us? We want to keep our best people doing their best and feeling good about what they do. As we look at the new year stretching before us, it’s a great time to think about how to positively mentor the very people who not only mean so much to our organization, but also the very people we serve. I’m [...]

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Don’t Market During Customer Issues

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Are you annoying your customers – and then trying to sell to them? Better customer experience (CX) leads to more sales. We all know this intuitively, but the Temkin Group has proved it empirically. In [...]

We Know If They’ve Been Good or Bad With Customers – But What Are We Doing To Inspire Change?

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Sometimes coaches become a little like Santa Claus. Keeping the list. Checking it twice. Knowing who has been “naughty or nice” with the customers. Checking the coaching off as “done” and waiting for the next [...]

3 Ways to Improve Cx by Seeking the Outside-In Viewpoint

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Understanding how to improve the customer experience from the inside out is one thing. Trying to attain the outside-in perspective is quite another! Stepping out of your own viewpoint is harder than it seems and [...]

Your Company is Mapping the Customer Journey – Are You Invited?

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Journey mapping is a great way to truly understand just how hard it is to be your customer. An effective journey map shows you what it’s like to stand in your customers’ shoes, seeing their [...]

7 Ways to Coach by Example

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Coaching is so much more than sitting in a room and discussing skills with our agents. If a manager looks at coaching as a boring checklist item to be completed weekly or monthly, the agent [...]

3 Challenges to Improve CX from the Inside Out

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There are ways to change the experience for your customers and employees alike for the better. There are even plenty of ways you can improve things today. Yet when we are working day after day [...]

Don’t Forget to Map the Employee Journey

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Last month I led a journey mapping workshop at the ICMI conference. It was a ton of fun, as we mapped out how Amanda chooses her new health insurance plan. We looked at how and [...]

Workforce Management Moves to the Forefront

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I had the pleasure of attending a Forefront event in Dallas this fall. Forefront is a growing community of contact center Workforce Management and Operations leaders shaping the future of their profession to address the [...]