Transform Your Call Center into a Superhero

There’s something sinister seething through your call center. It’s keeping you from being the strategic superhero you’re meant to be. It’s wreaking havoc on your customers, your agents and the business. Who is this villain? It goes by the name of Status Quo and it lurks in the shadows delivering mayhem. You see it every day. It’s ruthless in delivering chaos that takes down agent training. It thrives on agent call fatigue and laughs at the idea of work-life balance. It bullies workforce management every day and doesn’t rest until every real-time analyst or planner is taken down and a [...]

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Spring Cleaning Time for Call Centers

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Welcome to Spring! It’s time to clean the clutter and broken pieces out of our center house and bring in some new ideas. In order to do this we need to avoid getting stuck in [...]

Intradiem’s Continuous Focus on IT Security

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Digital transformation is here, and while it leads to increases in efficiency, productivity and revenue, it also poses potential risk when it comes to data security. Did you know that 46% of U.S. businesses experienced [...]

Show Your Agents You Care this Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, what better time to show agents your care? This “Hallmark” holiday is for more than just giving out boxes of chocolates. It’s the perfect chance to acknowledge your staff for [...]

3 Ways to Improve Adherence in the Contact Center

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Managing adherence is an age-old problem in the contact center. Here’s an updated take on a previous blog post to help you improve adherence and keep your operations running smoothly. When agents don’t (or can’t) [...]

Ring in the Holidays with Real-time Automation

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With the holidays in full swing, is your call center busier than ever? The chaos that ensues this time of year turn can quickly turn even the most thoughtfully planned and forecasted day awry. Unexpected [...]

One Billion Actions Transforms Global Call Centers

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Imagine one billion virtual assistants optimizing productivity and performance. Working seamlessly in the background, these assistants are transforming operations from manually reactive to strategically proactive in the blink of an eye. For many global call [...]

Winning Call Centers Empower Agents

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Is the hectic nature of the call center pushing the needs of your agents to the wayside? How do you make your agents a priority without impacting service levels? Real-time automation delivers a simplified approach [...]

Customer Success: Cost Reduction with Automation

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What would it mean to your center if you could improve first call resolution (FCR)? Or reduce overtime pay? For our customers, this means significant cost reduction. Take a look at some of their recent [...]